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Innovative energetic use of waste water for heating and cooling – an economically interesting solution as well as a strong signal in terms of sustainable generation of renewable energy! The available potential for wastewater heat can certainly make a significant contribution to achieving the climate goals.

The Rabmer Group is the number 1 contact for the implementation of energy from wastewater projects. We accompany our customers from the first potential analysis, through feasibility studies including appropriate measurements, to the implementation of the project. If desired, we can also take over the operation of the system and supply the corresponding energy.

Energy from waste water

Vienna Canal Blumental

The newly built headquarters of Wien Kanal heats (161 kW) and cools (530 kW) with energy from waste water via heat exchangers and heat pumps. Realization 2021.

Office building Vienna Canal

Wien Kanal Blumental – heating (200 kW) and cooling (275 kW) with waste water energy based on Thermliner (Uhrig). Realization in 2017.

Office building ENVIRON

Heating and cooling of an office building in Rheine (DE) with wastewater energy
Operation with 110 kW power (400 kW potential) based on Thermliner
(company Uhrig)

State Library Stuttgart

State Library Stuttgart – 90 kW heating and 225 kW cooling with waste water energy based on Thermliner
(company Uhrig)

Military Hospital Budapest (HU)

Use of sewer waste heat for building heating and cooling
3.8 MW heating and 3.2 MW cooling capacity with innovative tube bundle heat exchanger and heat pump
(Thermowatt Ltd.)

Project study retirement home Arnsberg (DE)

Utilization of waste water channel for building heating
150 kW heat output with Therm-Liner heat exchanger and heat pump