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Energy from Wastewater - Frequently Asked Questions

Why generate energy from wastewater?

Wastewater is available all year round and is characterized by a relatively constant temperature throughout the seasons, mostly between 12 °C and 20 °C.
By combining heat exchangers and heat pumps, the energy from waste water can be used for heating and cooling. Since about half of the energy requirement is used for heating and cooling, it is relevant to develop renewable energy sources. Since 2018, energy from wastewater has been classified as a renewable energy source at European level. Energy from wastewater has the potential to cover 10-14% of the heat demand in the building sector. The use of this environmental heat for heating is more efficient than using the outside air due to the higher temperature level in winter. In the summer, the waste water is cooler than the air. This and the good heat transfer properties of water enable energy from wastewater to be used efficiently as a renewable energy source for heating and cooling. By using energy from wastewater, CO2 emissions and operating costs can be reduced.

What can energy from wastewater be used for?
Who can use energy from wastewater?
What are the prerequisites for the efficient use of energy from wastewater?
How can I determine if I can use wastewater energy?
How does an energy from wastewater project work?
Where can good general conditions be found for the use of energy from wastewater?
How can it be ensured that the operation of the sewage network and/or the sewage treatment plant is not impaired?
Can wastewater energy be used in combination with other renewable energy sources?
Where is the use of energy from wastewater legally regulated?
How much CO2 do I save with energy from wastewater?
What permits do I need to generate energy from wastewater?
Which technologies are used
How are the heat exchangers or the systems installed in the sewer?
Can heat exchangers also be installed in waste water pressure lines?
How do sewer network operators feel about the technology and installing it in their sewers?
With which business models are energy from wastewater projects implemented?

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